Ingrid Betancourt is free! =) Politics and governments

I don't have many things to say about it, that was just to brief everybody 🙂
We don't know yet how she is.... no123
Do you think it means the end of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARCS)?
Do you think it's thanks to Sarkozy, Chavez or Uribe ?

well, Ingrid Betancourt's freedom is celebration thing. but I don't think FARCS will be end anyway ^,^; because, well I don't know many thinks about them, but I think they can use their ground (jungle? maybe) and struggle with guerrilla style. - well, I think.

For me The liberation comes from the death of the firs leader of the FARC. This struggle becomes more something from the mafia than for political revendication.

The FARC will have an interior power struggle, but after things settle down, it will continue it`s fight. These people don`t go away, because they get support from important people, from all around the world.

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