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In your opinion. Who's gonna win? Who watched a debate in TV? What do you think about candidates. I'd good if French express their opinion too.

I wan't to Sarkosy be president (Like Angela Markel, James Cameron, Barack Obama) but I don't know why but Hollande is very popular ....!

If Hollande be president I think we can have Some Civil Wars .!
At the debate yesterday he say something and his program say other !
He have no exp. he has never be minister or éther think Like this.
The only department who gouvern Hollande become poor and the taxe be augment to 75% ....

Yes. I watched this debate too, and even if I'm more for left I think that Sarkozy is better president for France. Hollande criticises Sarkozy because it's very easy when there's a crisis but he doesn't propose anything wise. Moreover he doesn't look like a President, he doesn't create respect and I think that France will lose when he's President. He's not good for negociations. But it's only my opinion, I don't live in France and maybe I don't know certain things.

Have you really watched debate on tv ? When I'm reading that you wrote both of two it's crazy! The first living France and the second you Qsy92 don't live in France! Marine Le Pen have had 17,9% to the first round! Do we have to make the same error by naming the same politician as president to be sure to have Marine Le Pen president in the next mandate? It is that you want all? Not me ! If in the next mandate it's Marine Le Pen who is named as presidente I'm go from my France! It's ridiculous to say that Holland is more worse than Sarkozy! Frenchies population had suffered during the mandate of Sarkozy and we must to fall on the black hole once again? No! Sarkozy have forget frenchies population during those five years now it's the time for a new president! I've the impression that you had watched the debate with only one eye! When Sarkozy became arrogant, looking in destabilized for his opponent and to change its speech on his projects for the next mandate; Holland is stayed calm to him, serene and always kept the same speech on his projects since the departure. And not only once he raised the voice contrary to Royal in 2007!
Then think!

No, Honestly I find your comments scandalous! It's the human being who counts no not other thing! And people don't change as that because you want it! Sarkozy will change nothing! It's to French to choose! Look at the Americans: they has been fed up of Bush they don't have him to keep. They elected Obama and it's a good president, he is very present in front of expectations of the people and he don't spend his life outside his country as Sarkozy!

By being really objective: the priority when we govern a country is:

- To be at most present on the territory that we govern and to meet the expectations of the people. Because if it isn't the case it isn't the democracy but the dictatorship.
-Watching that the country does not become the anarchy under pretext that we travelling in all the countries of the world while the citizens they suffer because they are poor, because have give them no work, that we dismiss them and that we remove their purchasing power*!
- Make the people pass before itself.
- When there is devastate nature always move in the place where it took place.
- To see the others managing from the other countries to maintain good relations and as well as it isn't war there.
- Go to meetings such Grenelle of the environment and the others because it is important.

I'll say just a thing for conclude Irland walk to exportation when THE FRANCE WALK TO THE PURCHASING POWER*! If Sarkozy become president once again bye bye the purchasing power but if it isn't him perhaps we'll have purchasing power! And finally Holland in the debate of yesterday have had proposed that older person and young person have a job not only 30-40 and older person but too young persons between 18 and 25 years old!!!! Since one year I didn't have had a job because job it's give to those people not to young person! Young people have the law to have a job too then don't punish young people who want a job with sentences in the style : "I think that Sarkozy is better president for France.", "If Hollande be president I think we can have Some Civil Wars .!"
It's to put the shame on the France and on frenchies too! :hammer :hammer :hammer

It's very interesting what you're saying Dashyness. I don't think you should call me 'crazy' only because I have a little bit different opinion than you have. Yes, it's true that I don't live in France and so I wrote, as follows 'But it's only my opinion, I don't live in France and maybe I don't know certain things.' I just wanted to say that Hollande doesn't look like a leader. He doesn't speak like a leader he doesn't make respect. It's bad for France. It's very easy for him to criticise Sarkozy because the economical situation is bad. But he should propose something more if he wants to be a President. Do you really think that if President changes, the job will be given to the people and the crisis will go off? And yet, all of French people should think: You are saying so much about retirement system : now you become a retired person in the age of 62 and you say it's far too much. Averaga life of a Frenchman is 81 years old. Let's look at the other EU countries : Poland (retired at 67, average life 76), Sweden (retired at 65, average life 80) Romania (retired at 65, average life 72). Sorry, but if you want to fight against crisis, you have to work.

I'm don't saying that you're "crazy" Qsy92 just Your sentences it's a little bit different. I don't the need to insult people. I just said that your sentences are crazy because I found it scandalous! Right I'm totaly agree with you it's your law to have a different point of view than mine and I respect that. 😉 It's as well true as that it isn't because a person don't looks like, don't speak as a leader that he don't necessarily inspire the respect and would not thus make a good president. In the life it isn't a necessity of crushing people to live! We can very well be strong and nice or fragile and nasty. Thus it isn't because Holland don't crush Sarkozy at all prices as Sarkozy him does well with him that that would make necessarily a bad president! Yes you owe ignored how much Sarkozy did suffered French people. Today there is some more of unemployed persons,HOMELESS PEOPLE and of student who don't find employment than in 2007! In France we have the restaurants of the Heart to feed those who can even more buy themselves of what to eat and the persons who are in streets since a few years. However the work of these volunteers becomes harder and harder because the number poor citizens got bigger since 2007.I find that it's a little bit easy to say that it is easy to criticize somebody when he was plunged into a situation difficult as an economic crisis.

In the first place it isn't the Élysée nor even the stock exchanges of the financial markets that most underwent this crisis because it's to speak in billion euro. Now what a normal citizen haven't! A normal citizen wins at the big minimum the smic (ndlr: 1280.07 € 2007,1321,02€ 2008,1337.70€ 2009,1343.77€ 2010,1393.82€ 2011 and 1398.37€ 2012.) and everything of that for to live by knowing well obviously that half of this money is removed from him because the life became even more expensive than before! The slogan of Sarkozy should have been "Work more to win more to have in the end so little ".
In the second place it isn't because it's easy for Holland to criticize Sarkozy, he shows just to the French people as in 5 years Sarkozy haven't did nothing of the good for to improve really the life of the French! As Holland so well pointed out it " it's easy to say that it's never of his fault! " Economic crisis or not Sarkozy did a certain number of things which hurt the life of the French. Thus what he made of bad and less bad is completely of his fault and not the fault in the economic crisis. Then Holland was completely right to say it.
But Hollande had proposed already more than Sarkozy! Hollande propose job for young people that there aren't not really now.

Yes I thinkin' really if the president change there are at least a luck that there are job for young people.The system of retirement should normally depend on the job that we chose because every jobs don't to tire on the duration in the same speed! I as all the young people I wait only for the work! I didn't speak about the system of retirement in my comment. I admit all the same that there are a certain percentage of French who complain about the retirement age. It is not my case! It is good to work because so we feel useful. What is normal, does not prevent no that you haven't said that in some countries as the USA or England or Sweden we can to stop and to take back the way of the work when we want. What is not the case of France.

I know where is the problem of the age of the retirement: in the holidays which are given to us. For Asian people from to take his days off is awkward because it is in their culture to work extensively. Often employer have to insist so that they agree to take their holidays and it isn't enough! In France no need, we jump on our holidays! I don't know if everybody has knowledge of it but when we study we have more course than several European countries as the United Kingdom.In the United Kingdom you have class from 9 to 12 o'clock in the morning and every after noon it's the sport or other leisure!In France we begin the day, always from 8h00-8h30 for the morning to 4 pm in the primary school and between 16 at 5:30 pm to the comprehensive school.When at the high school it can go till 18 hours!When we study, our days from classes we spend it,the head in exercises books... Of the blow the rainy days often we are not really concentrated, eyes riveted towards the window to look at gouts to slid on windows!Our class days we find them tiring because they are long and without real mean to relax a little. In primary school at the end of the year we have 3 months of holidays, to the Comprehensive school 3 months, to the High school it depends on the establishment as the faculty! After all the world knows it when we have an employment: goodbye the holidays!In France we are thus very attached to our holidays. I believe that if the next president would do reformed 3 months of holidays for French people, don't matter study or job, French would be more productive and would complain less about the retirement age! The solution is here but who will do that ? 😉

[url=]here the whole debate from the presidential election 2012[/url] For everybody who understand well the french languagues because there are none subtitles.

Can I just remember that Hollande was the Correze deputy. This departement become, thanks to him, in 4 years, the most put into debt of France. The reforms he took : commit state employees, increase the land tax of 300%, buy 11000 Ipad for the student, delete the free access to school transport, delete school grant, ... He poured the Departement. Do you want him to poured France ? i know Sarkozy balance sheet at national level is not very brillant, but I think that Hollande is going to damage the situation.

It's strange as everybody french or not heard only that he want...Yesterday I watched the entire debate because when I had saw it in live I haven't had to access to the whole debate! I can say that in hearing this debate I has been too much tired by Sarkozy who got excited and spent his time to treat Holland of liar and slanderer.
Right : Hollande in this debate had to say that he bough ipad for student.
Wrong : As the price of gasoline, electricy and water grows it's Sarkozy who want to increase his prize of 300% because he won't to do nothing against! Hollande had just to say that the prize of gazoline will be blocked during 3 months for find a solution for citizen don't pay as now and that for electricity and water which is two precious thing : according to the consumption the prize would increase. So a big consumer of water and electricity will pay more than a small consumer! Where it was seen that Holland had blocked the free access to school transport and he deleted school grant???????? O_o O_o O_o

I hope as Dashyness , that Hollande will win... We can't stand sarkozy anymore , he f**** the country
the gap between rich and poor people is increasing, the economic situation is worsening
We need the left at the power!
Marie/PaintYourself: French economic situation was better under left governments than right ones this is history! 😉

Thank you MrMarokino! I don't said that but I hoped and it's did with 51,9%. Now and Today it's henceforth François Hollande our new president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 :clap :clap :clap It's Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Welcome in a presidence with a normal and right way! 😉

The victory of Hollande it's a good things after 10 years with the right at the power. But is that François Hollande will change something in the situation of France ? I hope, but I'm not sure.
I hope that with him, we will not see guys like El-Assad or Gaddafi invited to the Elysée...

I'm glad that Hollande won, this is a good thing. I don't like Sarkozy, sorry but he's a moron! I don't want a president who defends racist principles like Le Pen, who calls arabic immigrants "scum which must be disposed", who makes guns traffic with people like Kadhafi, who favors the rich rather than the poor, etc. Socialist or even Communist Parties are open-minded, they speak in the name of the people, they care about everyone with equality and respect. For exemple: now gay people can marry. It's a totally normal thing. The only persons who didn't want it were catholics or from the "right" party. I don't say Hollande will change everything, or will improve those time of crisis, I just say that the atmosphere social and human will be better, and this is very important.

Sorry but I don't agree with you ..
First when we talk about a political election it's because we vote, well the people >18 years old sorty but your opinion is useless for me (It's like talking about the wars with soldiers)

Next for me Holland don't gone to be a good président ! All the political people in the world have no respect for him ! Yeah Sarkozy was the president "Bling Bling" but the life of the French were good during the crisis time no ?

Finally the Man who can be a good president in France (except Sarkozy) was StraussKan for me. I don't agree with what he do but he is a economical genius, don't Forget it 😉

You can say whatever you want. But if I'm quite relevent now I understand you're saying that I can't talk about it cause I'm only 14-15, I don't agree, don't be so "contemptuous". Every young people should think about it right now, and this is what I do. I grew up hearing about politic everytime, plus my grand parents, and uncles etc were committed Communist. And i don't think that Sarkozy is an "economical genius", or that all the people lived very well when he was president, much more if they were from the working class. But I agree with a thing, DSK would have been a good president.

Finaly Hollande is president (: