The Greek crisis Politics and governments

Lets talk about crisis in Greese. Why did it happen and ways to exit from this condition?

Well, I see two ways of what's going on. I'd probably know better if I lived there, but to me it's either
1) The Goverment has been spoiling people for years, and now that they have to pay back, the people who are used to good conditions don't understand it's necessary and protest.
2) The Government is cutting money off the wrong things and people protest because they see better ways to solve it.

It's definitely a bad situation, and someone needs to wake up and take the consequences.

I'd compare it to a complete opposite, my own country Estonia. It's always been shit to live here and it's probably not getting better anytime soon, but we have the smallest debt in Europe so we don't have to make any tough cuts now. I actually think the government here handled the chrisis very well, but everyone hates them now because of the Euro. Oh well.

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My opinion is that Greece is relying on tourism revenues mostly because it doesn't have any major industry developed nor a lot of resources. That's why when the 'crisis' erupted people started to cut down on holidays and this had a big impact on Greek citizens.