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  • Something to tell the world!

    Hey there everybody! I'm just your typical boot wearing redneck and aspiring teacher. I'm very concerned about what's happening to the environment cause as a redneck I herd cattle and plant stuff in the ground. Oh, and I'm 25, an intersex female, and a person of color.

  • I always enjoy talking about...

    Here's some background about me (I guess I will go with dashes to organize everything nicely, sometimes I'm prone to bunching my content up in paragraphs):

    -I used to want to be a researcher, but after seeing a lot of people experience major setbacks due to their economic backgrounds and other identities like race, I became quite interested in wanting to be a teacher, specifically for adults in community colleges and other such institutions like nonprofits to promote educational equity.
    -I quite enjoy math just for the sake of it, even reading research though it can take awhile to comprehend it. I see it much like a game- I don't have any set curricula to learn, i just see interesting math and I go through videos and books to learn it to see if I can solve the problem. And solving the problem is like going to the next level in the video games, yeah? So I treat the math like a puzzle to solve and I just need to obtain the tools to solve the problem, not like a bunch of weird symbols in some godforsaken language, which is unfortunately the way schools teach in math, at least in the USA and Canada.
    - As you can see from the above, I love video games quite a bit, or at least the idea of them. I'm more interested in the video games and occasionally plot, but I rarely play video games because I prefer to imagine stuff in my head. Seeing it in front of me ruins it but I like listening to people talk about video game music and plot, however.
    - I like philosophy but reading it has never been fun for me, I prefer to listen to a few podcasts and try to see if I can come to some of the same conclusions on my own.

    -Climate change and how it affects the working class people and individuals in developing countries

    -I've got a big interest in the different types of political views, namely capitalism, socialism, and libertarianism and the pros and cons of all of them.

  • My interests in other cultures

    - Well, I'm fascinated by different types of folk music from around the world. Found out that Mongolians and various African ethnicities have yodeling music too, though they don't really call it 'yodeling' of course. Native Americans seem to have it too. I also quite like the traditional music of random parts of Russia.