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  • I always enjoy talking about...

    Well there are few lucky people in this life ,if they find a matching friend in sharing good thoughts , positive support even laughter .nothing is expected but to be the real you, i would like to share views , discussions and maybe find wisdoms,I also write poetry of my own. i'm not an expert but i write what i feel or imagine,

    I'm an imaginary visionary soul,i am a kind of a dreamer and optimistic ,i like to help others ,i listen carefully and try to understand people if we both share common interests,

    I'm a simple person seeking similar kind people ,rational minds not racist , people who can understand this world is one place to live in,,,have a neutral aspect about life ,have a sensible amount of humor and respect !
    I come from a Middle Eastern origin...

    I like writing poetry,reading poetry and medical articles...walking,debating talking about history ,philosophy ,religions and wisdoms

    by the way..I love to listen to all kind music except metal..

  • Something to tell the world!

    It's very amazing when u were a child the day took so long and days never gets through but as you grew older life passes as a blink of an eye

    Sometimes if u think that u wana escape from ur current life... You think well it would better to move alone...

    There is an equal equation to the circle of life we live in......we all understand those concepts but we do challenge them.....challenging destiny wont help but adopting to what God has given us is a Treasure.....

  • My interests in other cultures

    Music ,languages, traditions, proverbs,stories