• 9m
  • Something to tell the world!

    Hi I'm italian, I'm 14.
    I really enjoy to meet new people from all over the world 😃
    so if you want to write me, I'll be very happy and we can be friends ❤️

  • My interests in other cultures

    i really like to know everything about other countries... how is school, languages, traditional food or festivities 🙂

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    I visited a lot of city in Italy, I’ve been to Slovakia because my mom is slovakian, and Austria.. but I want to travel a lot and see new places!

  • Living abroad for one year

    If I could live for a year somewhere, I’d like to live in the USA 🇺🇸

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    I really like reading, I like crime stories or fantasy books, but I don’t have a favorite book

  • I always enjoy talking about...

    I really like talking about everything