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    Hey everyone! I am Chelsia btw, by Well, I am basically from South India but I keep on traveling due to my parents' jobs. I love making people smile, reading books, chatting with friends, listening to music and learning new things. I am here to be great friends with everyone.

    Here, you got a friend for life for free...
    Always here for you as your friend!

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    I actually have visited one of the African countries which is Ethiopia. I have lived there for around 5-6 years. It was a pretty nice country. I had a good experience there with their different beautiful culture.
    Well, I have been in India for some years. I was born there in Tamilnadu. I loved being in CBE. It's my favorite city of all the places I have ever visited. That's because I found great friends there and had a good personal life.