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  • Abilità personali

    I love to draw, so much. But at the moment my passion is music. All the photos of mine (besides my profile picture and my cover photo of course) I have drawn. I also love to play video games, Listen to music, I love nature, And I love many other things, I you would like to know more, Ask.

  • Sono entusiasta di...

    i am excited to meet my very dear friends. and a certain person i know very well. only time will tell!

  • Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

    I kind of a basket case, and I have a lot of mental issues. I am taking care of it right now but I want others to know that. I do change my views on life so easily one day I think life is a miracle and another day, I want to die, it’s just natural for me, so if I act really weird and say bad things, please do not take it to heart. I just wish to make some good friends and to power through the bad times with my new friends and I will help them too. But I’m sure it will be fine,

  • La mia opinione sulla natura umana

    It is a double Edged sword. Humans are easily influenced, And if something wrong happens, that can lead to either a bad thing or good, generally, people are good, but it is not always so.

  • Recentemente ho imparato...

    I recently learnt so much about the person I admire! I am open to learning more about them, and I want wait to see who other people admire too! I have also learned (still learning) to play the piano!

  • Sopra o sottovalutato

    I think that Virtue itself, is underrated. For it alone, not money, can make someone happy

  • Città e stati che ho visitato

    I was born in Goulburn, Australia. But I have lived in Big Sandy, Texas for 6 years of my life. I have visited Rottnest Island and Other places in Australia. I’ve Also been to Louisiana.

  • Libri/autori/film preferiti

    I love the book, Beauty and the Beast, also sleeping Beauty (and many others that Disney made movies of.) I love the film Immortal Beloved because well, you can guess why. I also love the film, What’s eating Gilbert grape? One of my favourite Authors is Stephen King. My favourite book is the diary of Anne Frank.

  • Vorrei che le persone sapessero di più riguardo...

    I wish people knew more about Mayan culture and The Amazonian tribes.

  • Migliorare il sistema scolastico

    The educational system has not been changed in over 100 years. I believe that Schools should start catering to specific students. Because nobody is the same!

  • I miei interessi nelle altre culture

    I am very interested in Tribes, more so Amazonian tribes. Mayan tribes. African tribes, and many others,

  • Sono un esperto di...

    I am an expert in science sometimes. And also medical science. I also am an expert in science and Theories, so feel free to talk to me about anything!

  • Il mio pensiero sul futuro

    My feelings for the future? Well, I cannot say for sure, but I can see or I want to see me having at least a child, I would like my child to be themself. And to be the freest Spirit that this world has seen!

  • Adoro parlare di...

    Anything! I am pretty weird! But if you would like to, Let’s skype chat!