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  • Qualcosa da dire al mondo!

    I am a French native who lived in France for eighteen years so I could help you in French with pleasure.

    I can read Czech and understand but cannot write myself or speak.

    I am IT guy who work in Expedia right now as an expatriate, who like to go in the underground or even the underworld of the internet cause it could be an extraordinary sources of usefull information where you can't find anywhere else, with anonymous , and hidden datas.

    Within each of us lie the seeds of undefined greatness.
    We are the mothers and fathers of our own future.
    That future must be chosen, nurtured, guided.
    It must be driven with conviction.
    Lest our lesser nature let it stray into shadow.

    Kindness is not a fixed trait in a relationship. Think of it rather as a muscle – something that must be worked on every single day if it is to develop. And when we treat each other with kindness and compassion, we are essentially training each other on how we should treat each other.

  • Città e stati che ho visitato

    I have travelled mostly in Europe in my early childhood but also in South East Asia, where I went to nineteen countries in twenty years by entertaining, work, studies, or competitions.

    As a Native French, I was surprised by the Netherlands for their concise; Swedish by their lifestyle of Lagom; and the latest one : the Czech (Prague) for their humanity and open mind, where I'll go live for at least two years

    My favorite city in the world is Interlaken in Switzerland
    And my favorite country is Germany 😃

    Aber ich gehe 2022, siedle mich länger mit mehreren Leuten in Norwegen an

  • I risultati di cui vado più fiero

    Travelling a lot; Try to be me; Learn from others people; and yeah go to challenge the Current World Champion of Chess Magnus Carlsen in October 2018 in Germany .

    Be able to read some books quickly ! More than twenty thousand books in the entire life , just only one nerd girl in university beat me with more than one million 😂
    Writting ten thousand words per day , and unload Bic pen very quickly !

  • I miei interessi nelle altre culture

    When I talk with others people, especially when I don't know anything about them, I am pretty sure, I will be surprised, for the best and the worst 🙂 Don't be afraid to use dark humour, or talk about some sensible subject. I'd be glad to discuss with you.

  • Sono un esperto di...

    Well, eating 45-60 cm Pizza 😂

    Videos Games
    Martials Arts
    Table Tennis

    Time Management
    IT stuff

    Also, I could read or understand several languages like : Czech, Latvian but don't count on me to speak or write 😂

  • Vivere all'estero per un anno

    I am a great nomad, who is always leaving to live elsewhere, and to leave his comfort zone. I live in Prague 11 (Chodov) in Czech Republic. It a district outside of the tourism and cheaper & calm

    I am an internet explorer who has fun on the web visible and invisible in my spare time but I create online businesses also located in Estonia.

    Going in Switzerland before fallen 2022

  • Una sfida personale

    Three years ago these two goals were set: to reach a class A chess level and to face the strongest player alive. But now I'm looking for new horizons 😃

    Really find out where I suppose to go and what to reply after the deep questions of my mentor :

    - Where are you really?
    - Where are your homes?
    - Any truth is always good to say?
    - Would you be able to sacrifice a loved one to save everyone else?
    - What would you choose if you were given the choice between a short but extraordinary life with ups and downs or a long and peaceful but flat life
    - Why suddenly a sudden desire for change? Is it to impress people or to be carefree?
    - Why are you doing all this, what motivates you, that nobody can ever take you away even your mother, your father, likewise your friends ?

  • Libri/autori/film preferiti

    I read some classical books like: Harry Potter; Heroes of Olympus; few books of Soviet chess school; and many books of Entrepreneurial ; in movies: only MCU 🙂

  • Adoro parlare di...

    With me, you can engage any subject, it's at your own risk. I like to confront myself with various opinions, and to argue or reorient myself 😃

  • Rendere il mondo un posto migliore

    Stop judging everyone without knowing his/her background.
    Stop denying the different people cuz they are often more interesting than the flock of sheep.
    Stop mocking when someone cannot do or reply to something and try to find out a solution instead of pushing it even more§
    Stop being always in competition with others, it's rather better to be human than a number among another.

  • Abilità personali

    Adapt to almost any situation
    To speak in a subtle way as well as frankly with unknown people and well-known people
    Say something wisely or sometimes stupidly 😁

    In 2017, because I wasn't very happy of my life, I decided to transform my personality to another thing psychologically, it led me to reconsider everything, I can't recommend it but I am quite happy

  • Piaceri dell'infanzia

    Dream big
    Playing all kinds of games , sports
    To sleep during a long journey : Car , Train, Plane

  • Recentemente ho imparato...

    That all actions are possible on conditions that put your heart to the book, the time, and the appropriate method

    Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you.
    It’s really important that we throw these false beliefs into the dustbin

  • Sono entusiasta di...

    Hidden and forbidden knowledge, I go to the hidden library or underworld knowledge sources to find out where it can lead me.

    I am also excited by the creation of a business in Estonia soon (1 or 2 years) to which I will guide and support my close friends, we are always looking for interested people (this is not the site for that, but who knows ) 🙂

  • A 10 anni da adesso

    In 2017, I was in depression and almost ruin myself during my first university year cause of mental post-traumatic.

    After going to chess competitions and the best level ever and shredded to expatriate myself in march 2019.

    Predict where I would be in 10 years is impossible for me : could be there or not.

    Hoping to advance far from I am now in early 2020.

    Surely be in Estonia for professional reasons and buy an house in calm place to connect around nature

  • Qualcosa di particolare su di me

    When I'm introduced to things to do, I like to do the opposite, all that is common does not work or little with me like the evenings in clubs. I prefer to spend my day reading an interesting book at home or at a public library.

    As I am a retard, I used to laugh when YOU SHOULD NOT laugh

    Likewise, my most powerful strength and abilities are my time management and prioritization.

  • Da bambino, sognavo...

    Frankly I do not really want to know what I want to change, because my successes and also my mistakes (especially them by the way) do what I am, think, act, so in general I would say that I do not regret nothing

  • È meglio adesso

    With the Internet, there are no more excuses to learn, discuss with others, train, work, travel, learn new things, but also get rich in every way.

    A lot of challenges could be realized now but you shall to improve each day otherwise you could be has been or never was

  • Era meglio prima

    The old society demanded less energy and less time.
    People saw each other more face to face, in short were humans as we should be, right?

  • Una carriera senza ostacoli

    As I always do what I like, we'll say it's good. But I wish I could erase all the toxic people who tell you that it's not for you, or that you can not, because they do not want you to be better than them.

    Early in my life, I wanted to work in an air company, and I worked in 2 air companies. That's it 🙂

    Does it really exist a life without difficulty?

    A barrier-free path is an easy path that leads to a life without flavor and trouble. (Path of ease)

    A path with multiple obstacles and strive to go beyond , you have more value than you think

  • La mia opinione sulla natura umana

    In this world, there are creatives and completely crazy people, but these people move the whole world's trends, and there are the eternal sceptics who let it back crying over their narcissistic misfortune.

    “Don’t waste your energy trying to change
    opinions ... do your thing, and don’t care if they
    like it.” —Tina Fey

    “If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we
    would literally astound ourselves.” —Thomas Alva

  • Vorrei che le persone sapessero di più riguardo...

    The power of the unknown, hidden human resources, difference

    The brain is wired to minimize loss to keep
    you alive. [It] makes the assumption that because
    you were alive yesterday, what you did
    is safe. Therefore, repeating the past is good
    survival. As a result, doing things differently, even if
    it seems like an improvement, is risky. Perpetuating
    past behaviors, from the brain's reptilian perspective,
    is the safest way. This is why innovation is difficult
    for most individuals and organizations. "

  • Io ed i miei genitori

    My parents are down to earth, safe and pragmatic, while I am a person who does not shrink from any challenge, no matter how dangerous, privileging freedom to my safety, because I feel that our freedom is what we have more precious in life.

  • Il mio pensiero sul futuro

    I'd rather be surprised by my future than having one ready

    “A really great talent finds its happiness in execution.”
    —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • Rimpianti

    I was so numbed by my difference from others to the point of being mentally and physically bad.
    But now, I'm over that and I do my own path

  • Ciò che mi preoccupa...

    That the majority of people believe that to live well it is necessary to do like the others while repressing its differences

    Most people think that the success of others or mine, is just a matter of luck, that's partly true, but it's because already we believe in ourselves and our desire for change.

    Most people do not change because they do not support their own failures, which means that they will not be able to be satisfied with their future

  • Un piccolo trucco o consiglio

    If you have the challenge to give you but it is not scary enough, it is too easy for you. Do not let anyone tell you that you are less good than you think, because by the time they finish talking you will already have done or finished.
    Whatever your desire, whether it is good or bad, if this desire excites you and seems well done, anyway you will be judged if you do nothing for cowardice, if you do but you fail (nullity) or when you succeed (jealousy)

    You’re able to work on a new, perhaps more advanced, level with heightened
    energy and focus. It’s that initial commitment, that literal act of saying, “I’m
    going for it!” that stimulates your mind in new and clever ways and ultimately leads
    to the generation of fresh ideas.”

  • Migliorare il sistema scolastico

    We should forget everything and start the school system again because we are asked to work as we were working at the time of our parents or grandparents
    Or draw inspiration from Scandinavian or Finnish education systems

  • Sopra o sottovalutato

    If I give you the choice to be mentee by someone, will you accept where else will you plan your own path?

    People these days, especially those in my age group, think that security and freedom is a right and an obligation at birth. But you have to choose which of the two you want, and you have to fight as if your life depended on it. Freedom comes at a high price and you have to win it