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  • Libri/autori/film preferiti

    I was a Game Of Thrones fan untill the last season 🙁 . I am not much of a binge watcher so have seen it twice now and I am reading the books at the moment.
    I also like harry potter, Gravity Falls, avatar the last airbender, star wars, stranger things, a series of unfortionet events, the end of the F*cking world, ...

  • Adoro parlare di...

    I love to debate. I have som controvercial oppinions I like to defent in a proficional way. It think that if we have different oppinions, we should learn from each other and try to teach each other.

  • Sono entusiasta di...

    I can be almost childich enthousiastic about little things.

  • Rendere il mondo un posto migliore

    Can we please do something about the climate. To be honest I do not care if I cant play in the snow no more, or if there are no panda's left. But I would like to keep my dailly portion of oxigen. I would like to play in the sun without getting skin cancer.

    In an ideal world we would make all our power using wind and water. I know that is still to costy. I think nucliair energy is the best short term solution.

  • Da bambino, sognavo...

    I was going to be an engenier. I would invent something, something big, something important. I would change the world with it. Didn't know what it would be, just that it would be the solution to world problems.

    I still want to be an engenier. But now I am less abisious. Maybe I'll design a TV remote that uses a little less electricity or something simulair. Make a small change.

  • Io ed i miei genitori

    I have a grait connection with my parents. Just trust on both sides. I tell them everything (even about the drunk nights). They allow me to do almost everything. I can't remember the last time we had an argument.

  • Una carriera senza ostacoli

    I want to be an engineer, an inventor. I does not matter what I will invent. It might be the next big thing in innovation, but it will probebly be something like a slightly cheaper vacuum cleaner.

    I would also love to use my engineering skils to make stuff greener. That way I can help a little to save our planet.

  • Ciò che mi preoccupa...

    I worry about the climate. We are fucking it up! And still after floods abd huracanes, after the extinsions of so manny species, there are peaple who don't even believe it is real.

    It is. And it's a mager problem that needs to be solved 5 years ago.