• 4m
  • Neuvo tai vinkki

    Always be yourself!
    No one must dictate your path and you must not depend on anyone!😎☝

    You want another piece of advice? Then listen the advice whatever your heart tells you!😉

    Et... "Il ne savais pas que c'était impossible alors ils l'ont fait !!" Va au bout de tes rêves !!!! 💪🤜

    And..."He didn't know it was impossible so they did it!" Go to the end of your dreams !!!! 💪🤜

  • Aihe, johon et koskaan kyllästy

    Everything! 🤗

  • Vieraat kulttuurit

    everything ! 🤗

  • Kaupungit ja maat, joissa olen vieraillut

    In my dreams everywhere!😆🤪
    Yeah! I made all the land !!!😎

  • Unelma-ammatti

    That would be too easy and undeserved.🙄
    Complications make us proud to have overcome them, they make us stronger...😎

  • Lapsena toivoin...

    Being a mermaid 🧜‍♀️ and having a big castle submarine🏰 and a unicorn🦄, fighting demons👿 and having a prince🤴 (well, so a merman🧜‍♂️, but no, I wasn't interested😑)! !
    Hey! Why are you saying I'm ridiculous?!!!😨😡😂

  • 10 vuoden kuluttua

    In ten years... I will realize my dreams, I will do incredible things, I will have already visited the Earth and I will plan in which country I will go now 😁. I will help people in need 🤗🎁... I think there's too much to say for ten years haha.😄😆

    ...If I'm not dead yet.🤔😵(🤪)

  • Vuosi ulkomailla asuen

    The dream!!! But where? There's too many choices!🌍

  • Lempikirjat/kirjailijat/elokuvat

    I don't have a preference, just passes.
    So I like horror movie, romance, anime, detective films ...🤔
    Then not too serious films, otherwise I get lost.
    But pretty much everything.👍

  • Henkilökohtainen haaste

    Always trying to outdo me. 💪

  • Vanhempasi ja sinä

    Quite a story... Personal!😶
    It's my personal life.🤐😂

    Anyway, you're not interested at all!🙄

  • Olen hyvä...

    Everything of course!🤪😂
    (I think, I know how to listen to people.🤔ah, and I'm thinking too much !)

  • Maailman parantaminen

    Listen to your heart, and try to hear the heart of others ( ❌without judging them) and act in a way that does not encroach on others. I think a better world would be in communication, and respect nature and its inhabitants.🐕🐂🐫🐀🦔🦙🐃🐈....

  • Taidot

    Lots of things... Like you, I think.😁

  • Ajatukseni ihmisistä

    Human nature possesses the power of joy: the smile. -Léna Allen-Shore

    It is human nature to taste the misfortune of others, if only to give oneself the illusion of one's own happiness. -Jean Dion

    No, they're not my favorite proverbs, I just looked them up for the occasion. I find them very beautiful!😁
    I think human nature has its good and bad sides. But it's not one being human.. Just because they say human nature does that doesn't mean you will. Every human is different and reacts differently. I think it's important not to forget this because, it's a bit like racism "people of this origin are all like that"... That's not true, in this origin, people all have a different experience and different ways of seeing things.🤨

    You are unique.😆👍

  • Tulevaisuudenkuva

    hope 💪😣😃

  • Kerro maailmalle!

    « Si vous n’avez pas le courage de le faire alors faites-le
    sans courage ! »

    "If you don't have the courage to do it then do it without courage! »

    ...Hm 🤔, and you know? You might be dead already! Yes, I think there are two types of death:
    Physical death (you know this one 😎).
    And then there's psychological death... I mean, the death of your person. All those things, like routine, actions you do like a robot, without thinking out of habit, they'll kill you. Are you saying "I don't have time"? But you do have time to feed so that you don't die physically. Take the time to find yourself and feed your mind so you don't die a first time. 💥

  • Toivoisin, että ihmiset ymmärtäisivät...

    Humanity. (real humanity)

  • Ainutlaatuista/epätavanomaista minussa

    Everyone is different from each other...🤷‍♀️ What makes me different is being different...🤔
    Some people don't look any different because they're not themselves. It's actually just an illusion, they're different anyway. 👍