• 3m
  • Something to tell the world!

    Hallo ich bin Paula. Hi I‘m Paula. Salut je m‘appelle Paula. Ciao mi chiamo Paula.🤗
    I really would enjoy to find some pen pals from all over the 🌍 to have nice talks and improve my english/french/italian. Don‘t hesitate to write me if you want to!

  • I always enjoy talking about...

    I like to talk about other people‘s point of view of the world, plans to save the world, dreams…but also about daily life and problems. But I‘m open to talk about almost every topic.

  • Making the world a better place

    The humans just should accept and love each other like they are. It shouldn‘t exist any war and unfairness. The humans should also stop to kill themselves with killing the earth.🌍❤️☮️

  • Personal skills

    I‘ve been playing the acoustic guitar🎸since I was seven years old. I also try to learn a bit piano 🎹 by myself and next year I probably will start to learn the cello 🎻. I like to hear and play almost all typs of music and my goal is to keep having fun to make music. I‘m also not that bad at calligraphy. I like swimming, go for a walk in the forest and look science videos from MaiLab🤓.

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    Mission Impossible
    James Bond
    Harry Potter
    Fantastic Beasts
    Little Women

    During the school I don‘t read a lot in my free time but in the vacations I read a load of almost every type of books.

  • A personal challenge

    This year I‘m going to take an english exam to get the B2 or maybe the C1 diploma. It’s a very hard challenge for me because english was always the subject I like the least and so I also haven’t got the courage to just try because I make a lot of mistakes. And now I think is the time to face my weakness and study hard for the exam. If I pass the exam, I would be very proud of myself.

  • 10 years from now

    I will maybe wear a long white overall and goggles🥼🥽. I will stand in a labor🤓holding a test tube with a red liquid over an extreme hot blue flame waiting until everything will end in a big explosion💥that will save the world🌍.

  • Living abroad for one year

    I really would like to go to Paris. Since I was a little kid I dream of it. And I would like to speak french fluency. I love this language! It‘s like a melodie.

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    I‘ve traveled to a few places in Switzerland. I also was in Germany, France, Austria, Spain and once in Czchia in Prag. But I really would like to see more of the world, learn about other cultures, be in a different nature and meet other people.

  • I feel concerned about...

    … the humans