• 11m
  • Zeg iets over de wereld!

    Hello everyone, I’ m Alessio (it comes from a greek word, should mean 'defender' or something like this...
    )I live in Milan even if my family is from Southern Italy, especially from Naples. I’ m keen on soccer, cycling, motor sports and I love travelling.
    The thing I desire the most is to be able to play the guitar probably because (I am not sure) it ‘d help me to be more self-confident in relationships. I wanna learn German or Spanish too.
    I ‘d like to have friends from many countries for talking about different cultures, music, hobbies etc... but if u want we could also talk about deep topics.
    I hope you ll send me a message as soon as possible (on Instagram too: @alessiofine. In this case please tell me you r from Penpal-gate site).

  • Plaatsen en steden die ik heb bezocht

    I’ ve been in several places: Paris, London,Barcelona etc....
    My favourite trips were to the US and in Scotland (Edinburgh) ‘cause I met cultures very different from the italian one.
    In the next few years I wanna travel to the baltic and the scandinavian countries!

  • Voor één jaar in het buitenland wonen

    Well, I'm ready to spend a semester in Australia (Sydney). Unfortunately all this coronavirus situation has made a quite big mess and I really don't know if I ll be allowed to go there.

  • Ik maak me zorgen over...

    Generally speaking I am quite worried about several problems like climate change, equality, lgbt’s rights and so on.
    I think the main purpose for everyone must be to help people who need it.