• Something to tell the world!

    Hi, my name is Andrea, but feel free to call me with my nickname, Äni. I'm from the countryside of Bern, Switzerland. I joined this community mainly to find somebody who could help me learn and practice Russian, but I'm also very open to any other conversations, cultures and people. So feel free to contact me : )

    Instagram: aenikobu

    I'm always interested in talking about travelling, especially in a self-built van, adventures, books, films, biology, the world, relationships, cultures and so on.. Actually, I like talking about everything, but I prefer real conversations over mere small talk.

  • I always enjoy talking about...

    I'm always interested in talking about travelling, especially in a self-built van, outdoor adventures, books, stories, films, nature, biology and medicine, the world, relationships, people, cultures and their stories and traditions. Actually, I like talking about everything : )

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    Until now, I have never left Europe. I've been on an Interrail Trip right after finishing High School, when we visited Hamburg, Amsterdam, Malmö, Dublin, Doolin, London, Lille and Kopenhagen. It was very spontaneous and adventurous! Also, during High School I've spent one or two week each in Berlin, Edinbourgh, Sant'Agata de'Goti, Milan and Warshaw.

  • Living abroad for one year

    Someday I want to go to South America, spend some months on learning Spanish (which shouldn't be too difficult since I already speak Italian, at least it will be easier than Russian^ ^). After that language stay, I want to make an open ended World Tour, ending when I don't have money left😁 I'm still young enough to believe that my dream will come true : )

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    Ever read somethin of Rafik Schami? His books opened my mind for the Eastern Cultures. Other excellent authors are Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Frank Schätzing with 'the Swarm', Michael Ende with 'the NeverEnding Story' and many more. I love all kind of stories, from fantasy to autobiographies.
    In films and series, I prefer the complex ones, such as inception, Cloud Atlas and Sense8. And I'm a huge fan of old movies, old James Bond films, the non-hollywood-kind of films...

  • Childhood pleasures

    Observing the wood fire, the smell of hyacinths, playing in the wood, helping my dad with his bees, to dress up with my siblings...

  • My feeling about the future

    For my own future, I'm quite optimistic. I have many plans (most of which include travelling) and still believe that they will one after another become real.
    But thinking about the future of the world and nature makes me anxious, so many problems..

  • Something uncommon about me

    I eat tons of raisins and other dried fruits ^ ^