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  • Something to tell the world!

    ᕼEᒪᒪO ᗯOᖇᒪᗪ, I'm not looking for new pen pals currently. Sorry if I don't respond. School will be starting soon. I won't have as much time to reply.
    If you are searching for someone new to talk to, message me only if you really want to talk to me for long term. Read my entire profile too, please! Use a translator if you need to.

    Don't waste my time (and yours) if you are only going to talk to me for a week. Tell me if you my entire profile and this sentence, or I will not reply.

    I have only been to a few places, so I want to learn more about other places in the world. I like to just stare at the names of the different cities in each country, and each of their unique geography on a map.

    That is why I'm here. I want to learn more about where you are from.

    If you really want to talk about books, you can talk to your real life friends. It’s really unnecessary to talk to me about it. There’s only so much you can say. The only book that’s you and I have both read is most likely Harry Potter. I like Harry Potter, but there’s only so much you can say about it.

    Why would you talk about want to talk about books, when you have the opportunity to learn more about other places in the world without actually going there?

    I am curious about where you are from. Tell me random facts about where you are from. When I ask you a question, tell me more than I asked. I don’t know enough about where you are from to ask you any meaningful questions.

    Ask me questions. I want to talk. The conversation can only continue if we both ask each other questions. It’s really frustrating that I am always the one that keep the conversation going. A lot of conversations would gradually end because both the other person and I don’t know what to talk about.

    2. We can also talk about our interests.

    I am hoping we will have a long-term, meaningful conversation. ^_^ I might send you random messages that makes no sense sometimes.

  • I always enjoy talking about...

    So this is the kind of conversation that I am open to *but not limited to*

    - language exchange

    - your interests

    - your beliefs

    - your thoughts

    - your city/country

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    I haven't been to many places.

    I used to live in Hong Kong.

    So if you want to learn more about Hong Kong or New York, feel free to end me a message. 😊

  • I'm excited about...

    I am excited about science, especially astronomy. I have read the Wikipedia pages of certain celestial bodies (eg. Pluto & Ceres) over and over again.

    Animation! I'm not good at it though.

    Nature. After reading a book about trees recently, I started to notice the trees around me. They were all just a green blur to me before. But now, as I stare at the different leaf shapes, branches, and trunks, I can notice how different they all look. I also become very excited whenever I see a seedling or sapling.

    I'm also interested in technologies and current events as well. I won't write my thoughts here because everyone can read this. (Just because I don't write a lot about this doesn't mean that I'm not as interested in this)

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    I like to read. When a book hooks me, I just ignore everything else, like homework that is due the next day...

    My favorite book series include
    - Harry Potter
    - Keeper of the Lost Cities
    - Renegades
    - A Court of Throne And Rose (Normally I don't like romance, but I think this book series is great)

    I want to explode whenever I see something in a story that doesn’t make any sense. That’s why I don’t like to watch movies or tv shows. Books are simply better.

    I like to write my own stories. (But I am a terrible writer... and I give up after 2000 words...)

  • I recently learnt...

    I recently learned that languages are cooler than I thought. Look up Thoughty2’s videos on YouTube about how language re-wires your brain. The comment section is especially interesting. (I highly recommend that you watch this video. You won’t regret watching it!)

  • A personal challenge

    It’s so hard to have keep a meaningful conversation going. I have tried using pen pal gate for six months before. I didn’t check my messages very often back then. All the conversations all quickly died down, so I deleted my account.

    I wanted to try pen pal gate again. This time, I put a lot of effort in my profile and I check my messages every day. (I reply fast! 🙂) It seemed all was going better than before at first. I was really looking forward to talking to different people. But now I realize it is really pointless to talk to spend so much time on penpal gate, because it’s really hard to keep a conversation going. After a week (or even just a day) of talking, all the conversation start to gradually start to end... and people just get bored of penpal gate...

    If I can’t keep a conversation going, then I am going to have to quit pen pal gates again. I hope that won’t happen, because I really want to learn more about other places in the world and meet someone new.
    People say that they read my profile, and want a long term pen pal too, but they start replying irregularly after a while. It is soooo frustrating. I understand if you are busy, but pleeeeeeeease, this is making me want to quit penpal gate again. And don't keeping telling me that you are busy. You are just being lazy. *Only message me if you really want to talk to me.*

    Please only message me if...
    - you read my entire profile.
    - you are 100% committed in talking to me for long term.

    And at least one of the following:
    - your expectations of a pen pal exchange is similar to me.
    - your interests are similar

  • A trick or piece of advice

    The Ultimate Guide On How To Have A Long Term Conversation With Your Pen Pal, by ab1030


    - If you do send them a message, don't stop talking to them.

    "Pen pals are people who regularly write to each other" ~Wikipedia

    Talk to them regularly. It doesn't have to every day. It is okay if you can't talk to them for several days once in a while, but don't do it regularly. If you don't have time to reply, maybe you are talking to too many people.

    - Send a long reply. Write more than what they asked. This gives them something to reply to.

    - Ask them questions, but don't ask too many. Give them a chance to ask questions

    - If you both don't know what to talk about, send them a picture of something. It could be anything. It could just be the sun in the sky. A tree. Anything.

    These strategies have proven to work for me. 🙂

    Don't be mad at your pen pal. The majority of the people here are new writing to a pen pal. It takes a long time to learn how to write a good response.


    (Note that this guide is still a work in progress. I will add more strategies and details in the future. ☺️ Maybe I even can turn it into an article, so no copying this please! Send people a link to my profile if you want them to read this)

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