• Something to tell the world!

    Hello 🤩
    I'm Ala (Alice) and I'm 15 yo girl from Poland 🌼 I am interested in biology, especially in genetics and botanics 🌱🌱🌱 Yep- I know it sounds boring, but you can be surprised how exciting it is! 🔬🐞
    I'd to meet here some new people I can text to. I'm here to improve my English(German too, but I'm not sure will I menage to text in this language, but if u want to talk in German I'll do my best😊) and meet fantastic people from all around the world 🐱If you want to text to sb, make new friend from foreign country or have a nice time JUTS TEXT TO ME ♥️

  • My interests in other cultures

    I'm especially interested in U.S.' culture.
    My dream is to visit USA .🇺🇲
    But I'd also love to meet someone from another country ❤️