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  • Cities and countries I have visited

    I'm not a Traveller or have Travelled much outside of the Netherlands.. Though I've spend a lot of time Nationally in Different Cities, Villages and Natural Places many Times! 😁
    However I do love to learn about Different Cultures, Languages and hear stories about other people's Travelling Stories 👐🏻

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    Books, I'm not quite a Reader... But I was a Absolute Cinephile for years back in the Day! Huge Horror Fan and Collector for 13 years and did it with Passion I had for the 70's/80's! 😁
    So I only read and owner a lot of Media Books and Other Movies about this Topic...😅

    But I do love old movies by a lot still! Comedy, Britse Sitcoms, Thriller, Arthouse, Some Action Movies!
    Not big on War Movies, Cheesy Drama's or some Sci-Fi Movies... 👀🤭

  • My interests in other cultures

    Nature, Culture/History, Cuisine and Languages! - Always very Curious and Intrigued by Travelers Stories! 👐🏻 Can't get enough of em!
    - There are a Few Languages I always wished to learn/Or have one of these Mastered Fluently: Turkish, Afrikaans, Russian or Gaelic.
    - I'm absolute Fascinated by "Haunting Rich Histories" and in Particular New York from the 70's to Mid 90's 👀.
    - I love to Cook and try New Things out! Especially to Expand my Vegan Cuisine! 😁

  • Personal skills

    I'm a Creative Soul and there's nothing in life I function better or more with.
    I always try to make Something Beautiful from Nothing or Something Broken to something New and One of a Kind.
    There's not much I can't "work" with or won't be a Succesful Project to me!
    And the Less I got, How Greater my Determination Will be to complete it 🤭

  • I'm excited about...

    Definitely Music, Horror Movies, Miniatures, Cartoons from the 90's, Drawing/Painting/Creative Things in General, Video's Games, Folklore/Urban Legends, Dark Tourism, Etc.
    There's a lot I'm open to! Main Topics Will be add along the way! 😅🤭

  • Living abroad for one year

    If I had the Chance to, There are definitely a Couple of Scenario's/Places I want to experience! 👀

    - Switzerland's Cute Mountain-Surrounded Villages.
    - The Northern Parts of Norway.
    - The Green Heart of Wallonia/Ardennes
    - Edinburgh
    - Slab City
    - A Abandoned City 👀

    If it was possible, Definitely want to experience Living in a Hotel! Mainly The Clown Motel or Circus Circus 🤭🤣


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