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    Ciao a tutti : ) /Hi everyone! I'm Giulia, I'm 12 and I really like raccoons🦝 (ehehehe), I'm Italian and I love to talk (I don't know if it's an advantage or a defect).I practice volleyball three days at week :3 I really like to eat pizza, baked pasta (like baked pasta) with peppers and potatoes (like pee and potatoes): one thing to say is that I'm not very tall but I'm medium size🤌🏼😐. I love watching anime, reading manga and everything related to Japan😗: I love read and between the sea and the mountains, I like the sea more👀🐟✨ . Ehm, boh, practically in my life I almost never have anything else to do but watch the raccoons flying on youtube and annoy my friends😏✨I speak Italian, but I can speak another italian "language", call dialect (Calabrian dialect)🐄✨ and nothing, I don't know what to say anymore😎 🤙🏼✨

    This video can explain more things about me:

    By the way

    You know I just stole your cat


    it is very photogenic😳😎✨


    I don't know how to rename it :/

    Someone have any ideas..? 👀

  • I'm an expert at...

    I'm an expert at teaching people how to scrounge your classmates' snacks😎✨

  • Over or underrated

    I am often underestimated in sports, especially when it comes to reflexes: this is a mistake that many make ;-;