What's Penpal-Gate?

Penpal-Gate is a volunteer project dedicated to connecting people from all over the world in a single online community. We encourage people to learn about other cultures, practice foreign languages, and make friends from a variety of backgrounds.

How do I message members?

You need to make a free account before you interact with other members. There are different ways you can connect with users:
- Private messages between individual members
- Public comments on profile pages
- Public or private chatroom messages
- Forum posts through topics
You may also visit our friends at penpal.me for snail mail.

I can't log into my account.

If you've forgotten your password, you can try to reset it here. If you've forgotten your username, you can also use your e-mail address as your login. If you're still out of luck, shoot us a message and we'll try to help.

How do I delete my account?

From your profile page, click the "Account settings" button. You will be able to deactivate your account from there. You will be able to reactivate it any time. If you want all your information to be permanently deleted from our systems, just let us know.

How do I report abuse?

If you witness disrespectful content or spammy messages, please let us know and make sure to include as much detail as you can. Thanks!

What's your privacy policy?

Data protection is one of our top priorities. As such, we don't ask for or store anything more than we need. We require secure connections to use our service, heavily encrypt all passwords, and store your information in the European Union. If you would like your data to be deleted permanently, just ask.

This page didn't help. I need to talk to someone.

Use the contact form to reach us – we'll be happy to answer your questions.