Need help for learn Spanish :-) Español

Hi My name is Ophélie I'm 15 and I'm a french girl and I search people for help me for my spanish 🙂

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Dear Rini,
HI!It's really nice to e-mail you.I'm from Sichuan,China my Chinese name is 朱若菊(zhu ruo ju)English one is Maggie,and I'm 19 yaers old learning spanish in college.I noticed that you need help in spanish,that's great!You know maybe we can help each other in language and communicate the culture between our two counties.bye the way,my hometown Sichuan province is pandas hometown as well!
I’m looking forward to your reply
yours sincerly
Maggie Zhu

I speak Spanish, I can help you. Just ask me if you need help or if you get stuck in something.

I'd really love to help you! 🙂

¡Pasa muy buen dia!

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