I'd like to learn Spanish ♣ Español

Hi everyone 😃
I'm Pauline and I'm 16. I can't learn Spanish at school and I'm looking for someone (16 - 20 years old) to teach me Spanish 😛
I'm a good student and I want to discover this country and this langage.
Thank you very much ! ♥

Nobody ? ):

I also want to learn Spanish. 🙂 As I'm seeing, there is no one who can helps us! :s 🙂
Where do you come from, Pauw?
Why do you love learning Spanish? 😛

Yeah .. ):
I'm from Belgium (Liège) and you ? 🙂
Because I want to travel and I need Spanish for it 😃
and you ?

i can teach it, it was my first language, now i only think in English.

i can help you 😛

Je suis un peu comme vous je cherche des espagnols d'origine avec qui parler 🙂

i learned it when i was high school student,so now i can't remember 😛

I can help to but just a little 😁

i can but i'm french if you want i can because i speak spanish very well

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