Searching someone who wants to teach me Spanish Español


I'm Eline from Belgium and I really want to learn Spanish. Is there someone who wants to teach me this beautiful language ( by preference native speaker )? There's just one thing, I really know nothing about the Spanish vocabulary and grammar ( so you have to teach the language from the very beginning )I'm learning Latin at school, so that could help understanding the sentences.

If you want, I can teach you Dutch and French.

hello, i'm from chile, it will be a pleasure to help you with your spanish!!

Hi! I am from Mexico, and for sure it will be a easure to help you learning Spanish! 😃

Hi Eline! My name's Alba and I'm Spanish if you want I can tech you and we can be friends!! I need you teach me Dutch because I begin this year in the higschool!! If you want contact to me 🙂 🙂