Busco unos amigos que quieren hablar en inglés y español Español

¡Hola! Me llamo Tomasz. Soy de Polonia y tengo 22 años. Soy estudiante. Busco a unos amigos que pueden auydarme con mi español. Estoy aprendiendo este idioma desde hace un mes. Estoy usando un libro y los videos. Ahora me gustaría hablar por internet con los hispanoablantes amigos para pracicar el idioma y aprender algo nuevo. ¡Adiós! 😃

Hello 🙂
My name is Tomasz. I come from Poland and I'm 22 y.o. I want to have a good time and get to know new friends from other countries but my goal is also to learn Spanish so I'm looking for someone who is a Spanish native speaker or knows the language well. I've been learning Spanish on my own for a month and I'm really motivated to do this. I'm improving my skill everyday but as you can see above it's very low. We can try to speak in Spanish and use English only when needed or we could just start with chatting in English but as the time goes by I'd like to increase the amount of conversations in Spanish. I'm not advanced in English but I'd be glad if I could help you in anything.

Just some more information about chatting: all topics like movies, music, everyday life, sports, culture, differences between our countries etc. are fine by me.
I prefer chatting via Facebook (I don't mind snail mailing in future).

Sorry for my errors in using both of the languages 🙂

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Me gustaria conocerte amigo.

Bueno. Voy a añadirte a mis amigos en esta página web.

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hola aqui estoy si necesitas ayuda con tu español. Soy española y vivo en españa.
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