HELP ME!!!!!!!!! Español

Hi spanish people!!!
how are you?
i really need a help.. i love spansh languages, and i talked it for a week with two spanish girls in a cruise... without them i lost all the teaches.. but i can understand it..
i'd love to learn it, i can teach you italian, a language a bit like yours..
well, if you're interesting contact me soon.. bye..
giulia 001_icon16

Hello 🙂

I'm from peru (we speak spanish ^_^)
but it will be difficult for me (and you) 'teach', because the time difference is about 6 or 7 hours....

( sorry for my bad english 😃 )


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Hello darthjav.. nice to meet you.. the time is a problem yes.. but if you're ok we also add us like friends and when we met us we will chat.. what are your thinks about this??
(sorry for mine, too 😃)

I'm spanish, and i could teach you everything you want.
I speak spanish, english and a little french.
I would learn a little italian, then we could do mutual help 😉

Hi Miquel.. i am agree.. we can help us.. give me your msn's adresse if you've got it.. see you soon 😃

Hii giuli 😁 I can tech you spanish because I'm spanish. I speak a bit french english and very good spanish because I'm spanish 😁 if you want contact me sen me a email on pmy profile 😁 I wait for you 😃