Want to learn Italien Italiano

Hi people,
If there's one thing i wanne learn, it's Italien.
Some other things to, but yeah italien.
someone intresting being 'penpal'?

I'm intresting so much to be a penpal friend...I like to meet new people...let me know soon, write me an email

HI!...I'm interested!...

Hi! If you wanna learn italian I will be happy to chat with you 🙂. Hope to talk to you soon!

Io vougle scrivere con italiani. Io l'imperare l'italiano per un'anni è mezzo.
Tutti anni io va a vacanza per Italia.
Questo persona scrive mi???

My email: (email hidden)

Hi! I'm Italian! I'll be glad to help you. Send me an e-mail.

se vuoi ci sono

I'm italian and I'd like to help someone to learn italian. If you want... write me

if u want to learn italian, i'm here for u

Who can help me with learning Italian?

Hi, I want to learn Italian too

I am Italian, I can help you learn my language. My wish is to learn English and French well, if you are interested write me