Brieffreundin Italiano


Ich heiße Clara.
My Name is Clara
Il mio nome e Clara.

Ich bin 15 Jahre alt.
I´m 15 years old.
Io ho 15 anni.

Ich wohne in Deutschland/Bayern.
I live in Germany/Bavaria.
Io sono di Germania/Baviera.

Mein Hobby ist Wave-Board fahren.
My hobby is Wave-Boarding.
Il mio hobby e vado a Wave-Board.

Ich suche Deutsche, Englische oder Italienische Brieffreunde. ( 13 bis 15 Jahre )
I search German, English or Italian pen pals. ( 13 to 15 years )

Ich würde gerne Briefe schreiben.
I want to write paper letters.

Viele Grüße
Best wishes
Tanti saluti

Clara 🙂

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Hello to everyone,
first thanks to all the good people i have met here and some of them i have met also in reality,
I am here only for a cultural exchange; i am openminded and respectful i think that meeting here people from all over the world and discuss respectfully it's one of the best way to grow up and increase ur culture,
I met good people everywhere i need a friend from Switzerland please,if there's someone that can help me write to me thanks,
anyone is welcome in my acc but respectful and good intentioned and not closed minded,
i have met unfortunately also some people that withou knowing u invented and still invent things about me and Others or think to know u better than u only from 2 words please if u are so avoid my acc!,
me i am just a friendly openminded person i like speaking with people all over the world i repeat it's a great increasing in anything,
i am well educated and caring a human person so do not musunderstand me, it's just my nature),
when i am in chat i like talking to everyone or which sense this page?!,
sometimes i we can have tec problem i do not receive ur chat mes or others and i have been told that other tec problems can sometimes happen also to the best,some hacker that can change my name or see ur acc with 2 names or the name of another it happened so to many but in any case i am positive and so glad to have met so many good people here and the same also outside!,
so before criticizing or thinking bad of anyone here ask know them i reality and after long period not from fake opinions,
me too i have heard bad of a lot here but i do not care i build my opinion on my own not from others! and it takes so much time to know well a person
so we have to take it easy here and be very respectful,me i am enthused of everything and i keep on knowing good people if u closed ill intentioned superficial stay far from me,sorry but after a long biothering or stupid fake opinion of someone i have to make clear best wishes! and i want a Swiss pen pall thanks