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Hi......I'm looking for new nice funny crazy penpals 001_tt1 001_tt2
I dont really mind the country, as long as you are:

1) around my age yes
2) write LONG letters by postal way (NO emails & NO msn & NO skype!) & with DECENT handwriting thumbup2
3) handwrite your letters (or at least, not type ALL the time OR, dont make copy & paste letters!) be original donatello
4) be open minded & talk about everything,share your ideas & experiences clap

I hate people who....write just a few lines, write once in a year, write ONLY about their children & their dog's poop, are very close minded
& racist, childish & sexual sick people (I AM MARRIED....pls DONT try to write to make flirting!!!)

anyway, anybody who wants to correspond just send me a message & we can exchange postal addresses rockon

Maybe your requirements are a bit too strict... ^o)

why?? I dont ask people who do back flips or to write me within 1 week.

I use to have penpals since 20 yrs & I know what kind of penpals I want or dont want.

I think IM a good penpal & I aspect to find the same

:euro :euro :euro

I agree with you. I've always tried to find this kind of 'old-school pen pal', but they are so rare 🙁 I would be the right person for you, if I just wasn't... ITALIANO. 🙁 Peccato davvero, è proprio quello che sto cercando anche io... non posso scriverti lo stesso in ingress? 😃