Updates! News and updates

[center]Hey everybody,[/center]
New updates for today 🙂 :

[*] Chat is now available (currently under maintenance);[/*]
[*] Flags are now displayed next to usernames inside forums;[/*]

[*] New portal : [url=http://pl.penpal-gate.net][b]Penpal-Gate Poland[/b][/url] thanks to [url=http://www.penpal-gate.net/profile/1233/adrian_n1987.php]adrian_n1987[/url];[/*]
[*] Yet another new portal : [url=http://es.penpal-gate.net][b]Penpal-Gate Espana[/b][/url] thanks to [url=http://fr.penpal-gate.net/profile/149/Slasher.php]Slasher[/url].[/*]

Once again, if you're a native speaker of a language that's still not avalaible among current portals and you want to be part of the project, let us know! 🙂

sweet! way to go vedlen!!! 🙂

Why doesn't even "Penpal-Gate Espana" have an ñ?? (N)

I already told you, I can help with italian translations..

Why doesn't even "Penpal-Gate Espana" have an ñ?? (N)
It will have one I'm waiting for the countries/lanuages to be translated into Spanish for it to be automatically taken into account