you should know a real china 汉语/漢語/中文

i had saw many topics on this website such as the taiwan,the Tibet ,the human rights in china also the Olymipic .
to my surprise ,what you saw is not ture or unilateral .
first i admit that china isn't do well in some place but our country is improveing. As social welfare is more popularity and people's life is more rich and confortable you should know there are more than 13 hundred million people in china .because of this even a small problem our goverment have to cost more than other counties .and there are 56 nations in china so it must be many problems between every nations .in the history even there were many wars between nations .and now you can see the relationship with nations is much more batter . and our goverment decision the system of regional ethnic autonomy to keep equal and there are two students in my class are form Hui nation .we get along well with each other .and they have many Concessions in many ways even as the college entrance examination.
china is a friendly country and most of chinese are friendly.the Expo is holding in shanghai we warmly welcome foreign friends to come to china to know what china is, to see the development of china and also give us some suggests
i worte this with on hostility but wants to say someting i see in my country .i used visit france and argentina most people there are friendly with chinese i think you are hope to see that the world is more harmony too .
contradictions must exist ,every countiey is just for themselves .we should show our comrehension not to attack right?
i think what the chinese government do is the best way to solve the problems what the china have
i hope you well know someting about china after read this and you can talk with me too ,i will try my best to say what i konw about china we can be friends

ps: maybe there are many mistakes in this article .i'm really sorry for that as i am only a senior high school student in china

i'm sorry for the topic ,this is only what i saw in china

Yeah, the stuff in the news isn't what China is all about. I'm going there this summer to visit the World Expo, and I'm sure I'll have a great time!

you'll see a great long queue

Because people all over the world come to China. Thank you for your patronage, China will do well. Perhaps more long lines to China that the world attention and support, I think that is good.