Ni hao ! 汉语/漢語/中文

Ni hao !
I'm Laura, a french girl. I'm 15.
I'm looking for someone who speaks chinese and who can help me to learn it.
I learn Chinese on my own and it's hard to me.
Pleas help me, we'll maybe become good friends.
See ya !

Ok i will do it, but can you teach me French .it's also hard to me .
I'm looking forward to your replying and i believe we'll become good friends
best regards

Sure I can help you with french.
I added you 😉
Just accept me and we'll be able to talk together.

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How lucky are you both I'd like the same exchange.

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Maybe I also can help with your English.

sorry, I've taken a mistake. it's Chinese. :blushing

Do you with chinese ? I'm interested.

i also need your help with chinese 😛

(email hidden)

add me?

maybe i can help? : D

boy boy

I hope Ican help you

boy boy

Where should leave E-mail adress?I'm a new comer


Salut Luakas!!!