Hi everyone,

My name is Willemien and I'm a Dutch student at the Wageningen University. I'm currently working together with the well known Chinese dairy company Yili. Together with 14 other students we are asked to develop a new, healthy yogurt product. If we come up with a good product, Yili might actually use our idea to bring a new product to the Chinese market.

But therefore we need your help. We need to learn more about the yogurt preferences of Chinese people so we can develop a product that will be really successful. If you are from China, would you please fill in this survey? It would really help us a lot!


And if you want to help some more: share the link to the survey in your social network (Facebook, Twitter, anything). We really need a large respons. The opinions of you and your friends and family is extremely important to us!

Thanks a lot!


Ps. If you filled in and/or shared the survey, please leave a comment here so I can thank you personally 🙂

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