Who would like to write letters with me?:) 汉语/漢語/中文

Hello,everyone!My pen name is 采芹.I'm a quiet and introversive girl.I am in 8th grade.And I am a christian.
I love reading and writing,especailly Shakespeare's plays,Chinese classical poetry.My favourite novel is Anne of green gables.My favourite poet is Tagore.Moreover,my hobbies are collecting books,foreign stamps and coins,waking in the rain,playing the guzheng.I do enjoying classical and national music and opera at leisure.I also do well in drawing.I love ink painting.
I hope to find several long-term penpals all the time.I hope we may talk heart to heart each other by snail mail.I'd love to talk about literature,art(include music,drawing etc...)with a penpal who has similar interests.We may even exchange gifts or cards as well.
I also glad to help your mardarin or introduce Chinese culture to you as a Chinese who love traditional culture. 🙂 My email is (email hidden),if you would like to write letters with me,we can exchange each other's address in my email,hehe...

Hi Cai-Qin!
I am Karol and I am from Poland. I think we can talk and make friends. I am interested in real paper letters too. I want to be sure so I'll write e-mail to you.

Куда отправляются письма, если вам кто-то здесь написал?

Hello Cai-Qin!
I'm Federica, I'm from Italy. I'd like to be your friend, too.
I love writing, reading and walking in the rain, just like you. I like literature and art, but I can't draw! It's really difficult for me.
Even if I think that internet is a perfect instrument to find pen friends, I'd still prefer to send paper letters and cards.
If you want, we could exchange each other's address. 🙂

Hey Cai-Qin,
I am Laura, I'm from Germany and I'd like to be your friend!
I'm in 10th grade now. I love poems, quotes, reading and drawing. And I'm a big fan of Chinese culture, traditions and the language. Ink painting sounds very interesting. I'm a little bit old fashioned, so l love writing letters and cards, but I also can write e-mails. One of my hobbies is playing piano. I like rain, fog and thunderstorms, because of the noises and the mythical atmosphere. So I really, really like to be your friend.🙂

Hey Cai-Qin
I'm kildat from Mayotte, frensh island sittued between Madagascar and Mozambique, it's among Comoros island
I'm 19 and i want to learn japanese. Last year i have friend who learn me some word but know she's in another town. So I'm interrest about speaking chinese, i don't know many poem in chinese but i listen chinese artist song as Guang liang and chan chen you.
I love sport, listen to music and go out with friend.
let's met together
See you soon 🙂

Hello Cai-Qin,
My name is Delia, I live in Montreal, Canada.
I'm 17 years old.
I love reading and writing as well, and I like classical literature. I also like drawing and music.
Paper letters would be awesome c:
Nice to meet you
My e-mail is (email hidden)