Honkong flower 汉语/漢語/中文


Once someone on penpalgate told me about the flower on the Hongkong flag:

He told me this special flower was invented in Hongkong (not with stars on it, but you guys know what I mean 😛 ). I don't know if this story is true, but I certainly hope so. Otherwise you guys will laugh hard with this 001_unsure 😛

[b]Now am I looking for someone who wants to send me some seeds from this flower[/b], so I can grow this beautiful flowers in my garden.
Is there anyone who wants to help me?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Did you mean Hong Kong Orchid?
In fact the picture cannot be seen here in my computer. However can you buy some online?

Try looking for [i]Bauhinia blakeana[/i] seeds, maybe you can even find some in Belgium.

Ok thank you, I'll try to find some here in the flower shop 😛