looking for a chinese penpal 汉语/漢語/中文

my name is orna and i am an israeli girl,54 years old.
i have a lot of interest in china,language,culture and people.
i am a mandarine chinese student.i can speak some chinese and write in pinyin.
i am looking for a chinese friend to chat with in pinyin chinese about any subject.
we can also share cultures,life and thoughts.
my contact: (email hidden) :tongue:

same here 😉

I am an ethnic Chinese,
if u are interested,
just leave a message on my wall,
and be friends 🙂

maybe I can help u.And I'm interested in the culture around the world.
> < tomorrow is chinese traditional festival——Mid-Autumn Festival.

你们好!我是一个学生,在罗马大学学习汉语.我也找一个中国朋友 🙂

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