Penpal English :) Français

Hi ! 001_smile I'm Marine and I search a penpal english , 13/16 years, for chatting , laughing , to know and impove my english !
If you become my friend uou can see my profil : " Mama28 " And you can e-mail wink2
Bye ! 001_icon16 001_rolleyes

Hey, I don't like social sites, like facebook, but do want to meet new people, and that's why I'm searching a penpal, I too want to improve my French, which means I could help you and you could help me. I'm dutch, but doing a sort of course, which means that in three years my English will be almost native (speaking as good as if I lived in Britain), I have to speak more than 3 hours a day English, So I'm almost perfect. (Just a few grammar problems left)