Verlan Français

Bonjour, nous nous appellons Eva et Irshad.
Nous parlons un peu de français.
Nous cherchons un jeune qui parle français et anglais.
Aussie on cherche un jeune qui parle verlan.
C'est pour notre bac.

Hi, I'm french, so I can help you !
Speaking "verlan" is not very difficult ! 😉
In fact, it's french but syllables are reversed !
For example : Sometimes people say "Cimer" or Merci
The word "Verlan" means "à l'envers"

Send me an e-mail if you have questions 🙂

(Excuse me if I make some mistakes ! My English is not perfect 😆 )

Oh thank you.
Could you tell us the value of Verlan?
Do you use it on a daily basis?

Example for you (for the word in verlan, i write in phonetic) :
1.Merci (Thank you) in verlan Cimér.
2.Moi (My) in verlan , we say moi in reverse therefore it's oim.
3.Toi (You) in verlan even for moi , it's oit.
4.Femme (Woman) in verlan we say meuf (the e de femme become eu)
5.L'envers (the reverse) in verlan it's verlan.