French help! Français

I live in canada, and really want help learning french. if anyone could help me, that would be great!


hey! I live in French and I help you for the french!
Kiss .

I don't speak much English or with difficulty

Hello ! I can help you if you want, I live in France.
I add you on my msn.
See you 😉

Hi ! I can help you too if you want 😆
I'm from Belgium 😆
And I love it ! (I'd like to become teacher later)
Bye ♥

Hello 😃
I wanna become language teacher later and my english isn't pzerfect at all 😁
I may can help you with french and you can help me with my english ?

im french canadian ,can i help u ?
let me know

I live in Paris so I can help you and you can help me : my english is really not perfect.
We can speak through msn or mail.
See you

Bonjouur 🙂

Je viens de Belgique et je peux t'aider avec le Francais si tu veux! Moi je cherche a apprendre l'Anglais 🙂