Need some help Français

Hello !

My name is Flavien, I'm 19 almost 20 and i've just started to learn russian and korean (just presentations and alphabets). I don't have the chance to attend some russian or korean curses at my uni, and in France there's not so many books to learn these languages, just the internet. So I would like to practise with a penpal who can speak Russian or Korean in order to improve my basic level, not necessary a Russian or Korean one, if someone learn one of these languages too, let's help each other !

In exchange, i can help for french learning or maybe partly japanese 🙂.

I hope to find a penpal because at this moment i'm a sailor lost in an unknown sea ! :boat .

See ya !

Flavien / Флавиэн ? Флавен ?


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I can help you with Russian. I'm native speaker. But I'm a quite old for you, adolescents)
My name is Andrey.