Je cherche correspontantes en France Français

Hello! Salut! I am Justine, from Poland. I'm 19. I learn English and French language. I am interested in psychology, music, books, human nature, biology, poetry and volunteering. I like badminton, ride a bike, voleyball. I love Paris! I was in Paris oh.. before July 2013! I search people who can help improve my skills language and can be my friends - meet my country - Poland - and can help meet own country - France. I can write letters with interesting people. Post office maybe can us. 🙂

Write to me!

Hello 🙂
I'm Lise and I think I can help you to improve your skills language in french! But for " meet my country - Poland - and can help meet own country - France", it's to go on your country or just speak of our country ? If it's to go, it's not possible for me!
I do gymnastics, and I love reading and drawing .
So, send me an e-mail if you are OK!

up 🙂


Saluuuut! 🙂

Hiiiie, I'm justine too 🙂
I can write to you if you want ?

salut je suis un africain je cherche un correspondant français

Je cherche un personne qui parle français🙂 Je m'apelles Julius j'ai seize ans, et je habite en austriche. J'aime paris, et je veux apprendre à connaître de nouvelles personnes, et travaille un peu de francais. I want to write letters with interesting people 🙂
Julius 🙂