Une italienne qui veut apprendre le français! Français

Salut a tout le monde.. je suis un fille italienne de 15 ans..
Je frequente le lycée et j'aimerai bien parler avec des correspondants françaises..
Je vous donne ma "email"..
(email hidden)

If you like you can add me at your email, saying who you are 🙂
I can also teach you some italian, and we can improve english..

Merci et a bientot..
Giulia 🙂

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Do you want my help ? Because I can ! 🙂

Yes.. why not?!
Your email?? 😃

Hi! me also i can help my mail is: (email hidden)

I send you a mail ! 🙂 (I'll start to speak in english because I don't know for how many time you learn french :😆