friends wanted --- devenir ami Français

bonjour ,
Je suis chinois ,Je suis un étudiant .
i'm still teaching myself French ,so I don't know many words .
next year i'll be graduated ,and i want to make a trip to Europe . 001_cool .i've been interested in France for a long time ,and i want to have someone tell me more about everything of France ,maybe we can meet face-to-face ,even go around .
if you're interested ,send me an email .feel free to talk to me .
that's it .bonne journée !

Edit by sanfrak .

salut Sanfrak , ravie de te connaitre , je suis étudiante aussi 🙂
bon si tu veux pratiquer mieux le Français, t'es le bienvenu 🙂
that will be a good occasion for me to know more about english langage and why not chinese language 🙂 !