I need someone who can teach me french. Français

Hello neighbours from France! (:

I'm a spanish girl who live in Catalonia. I love learning languages, I speak catalan, spanish and english. And I want to learn french, too. French for me is the best language you can learn, so I want to speak it very well, 'cause I'll wanna go to France to study or to live when I'll be +20 🙂

Anyone here wanna teach me french? If you want I can teach you catalan or spanish, and practise in english (I'm on PET's grade).

Well, my e-mail is: (email hidden)

See you soon! 😁


Hi, I' am French and I would be very pleased to teach you French when I'll have some time. I would be very glad If you teached me spanish because I have never studied this language and I think it might be very usefull if I want to work or study in South America or Spain!
Tell me if you agree to communicate whith me, then I'll send you an e-mail.
A la prochaine ;p