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  • Something to tell the world!

    Hello everyone! I'm Emma and I'm searching from new friends from all over the world! (: it would be wonderful to meet the people with whom I talk and to make long-lasting friendships.
    I love sports, I have been doing lots of sports such as trail running, judo, badminton, tennis, climbing, dancing (I'm very bad at dancing by the way, and between us, the best is Hugh Grant in Love actually (; ), surfing etc... But right now, I run and practice judo. Moreover, I love reading, writing, hiking in nature (especially in the moutains, because it's more challenging), travelling, meeting new people, spending time with my friends...
    I want to become a language teacher and help my students the best that I can ☀️

  • A personal challenge

    The last two years, I was in literary classe préparatoire, I had 33 hours of tests per week several times in a year. Moreover, I have run half marathons and next year I will run a marathon. Besides, whenever I can, I backpack and go wherever my heart tells me to go. I'm a very impulsive person and I do what makes me feel alive. Right now, I am learning how to do handstand and I am studying two Bachelors in one year (which is my most important goal for now), one of my Bachelors in German and the other one is in English, I study everything that has to do with literature, civilisation, translation and linguistics.

  • Making the world a better place

    I want people to see their tiny little perfect things of their days, and I want them to realise that smiling or laughing to a stranger in the street is enough to make them happy ☀️