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  • I always enjoy talking about...

    Travel music, camping, groundhopping ⚽️, places, languages, anything that is significant to us and can build lasting friendship.

  • I recently learnt...

    quite a bit more German and must continue to perfect it

  • Personal skills

    Patience and good at assessing things.
    a genuine interest in languages.

  • I feel concerned about...

    Just getting back to normal after the current situation and enjoying our lives the way it should be

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    Greece, Cuba, Germany (many places), Netherlands USA, to name but a few.

  • My feeling about the future

    keep making it worthwhile

  • My interests in other cultures

    the places, people, languages.
    Places off the beaten track or with character.
    Football friendship and fan culture.

  • I'm excited about...

    Camping in nice places, visiting beautiful ones.
    Music concerts, matches in new cities, getting the most from everyday life and not missing the beauty of things.

  • Something to tell the world!

    follow the things that you have always hoped to do. Special interests are important to well being
    as is learning from experiences.

  • Over or underrated

    having quality friends is important and should not be underrated, as are the simple pleasures in life walking , cycling, the outdoors.

  • A trick or piece of advice

    Sometimes the things you think are too complicated will naturally sort themselves out, if you are receptive to that.

  • I'm an expert at...

    multimedia, languages, teaching.

  • A personal challenge

    adapting after illness but learning from it

  • My opinion on human nature

    I try to look for the good in people