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  • Расскажите что-нибудь

    Hello, my friends!! Greeting from Sri Lanka. 🙋‍♂️

    I’m Thamindu Devinda and here to meet real and forever friends from all over the world. Btw, I’m GAY. I'm open-minded, so we can talk about anything that you want to talk.

    I'm more interested in snail mail than talking through the internet, so people who like snail mail are warmly welcome! 😊

    I have Facebook, telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, and Instagram. We can chat through any of those social media to get to know each other well and we can do snail mail when we know each other well.

    Waiting for your message 😊😊

  • Любимые книги/писатели/фильмы

    If I talk about books, I'm interested in any kind of book if it gives something to my life. I really like to read storybooks and some of my favourite authors are, Enid Blyton, Auther Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker ...

  • Мой интерес к другим странам

    I'm interested in almost every culture, especially ancient and great cultures like ancient Egyptian culture, Greece culture....etc

  • Я люблю поговорить о...


  • Улучшить систему образования

    To improve the school system in Sri Lanka, I think we should use more technology and practical lessons.

  • Я и мои родители

    I think we have a great connection between us.

  • Совет или подсказка

    To have a great relationship with someone, the most important thing is to understand each other.