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  • 有什么想对世界说的

    Hi,my name is yixuan.I am a Chinese girl and I'm sixteen years old.I like reading,dancing,drawing,singing,listening to music and writing my own novels.My favorite fruit is apple and I like blue best.I really want to make friends with people from all over the world.Maybe that's you.

  • 在国外居住一年

    I want to go to Italy,Korea,Japan,Germany,France,Australia,Norway and so on.😂😂One year is not enough.Haha.😁😁If I have to choose one,I'll choose Germany.Because I want to visit Berlin very much!For the rest of his life,Gu Wei went to Germany for further study.And later Lin Zhixiao and Gu Wei went there for their honeymoon.Wow so happy!😄😄

  • 我希望人们知道更多,关于……

    I want people to know more about Chinese culture.China is an ancient country.It has a long history for more than 5000 years.And Chinese is a beautiful language.I hope more and more foreigners will learn Chinese.😁😁

  • 童年的欢乐

    As a child,I like playing with my friends best.But unlucky,I don't have much real friends now.

  • 最喜欢的书籍/作者/电影

    My favorite book is 《You're my sister》,and my favourite film is 《Take my brother away》.

  • 我对其他文化的兴趣

    I am interested in learning foreign cultures.Such as Japanese and Korean cultures.

  • 个人技能

    Well,I don't know if someone just like me.But I can play the guzheng.It's a traditional Chinese instrument

  • 我曾去过的国家和城市

    I have never been to another city or a foreign country.But I really want to go somewhere interesting

  • 生命中的遗憾

    I don't have a elder brother.

  • 我对……感到兴奋

    I'm excited to have some foreign penpals.

  • 我总是喜欢谈论……

    I always like talking about music,books and films.Especially my own novels!