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  • Я специалист в...

    Im really good in making weird short storys (in netherlands) but it would be nice to try it in English!😉 here i have a website where I write short stories! It's english and dutch.
    I'm a expert in acting like I'm focused on school😎

  • Навыки и умения

    I'm sometimes a friendly person and I am special in... Wel ehm I am a triplet and thats something special about me. Sometimes people think that twins and triplets can read each other mind etc. But thats not really true. We just grew up together and do much together so thats why we just sometimes say things at the same moment and just think the same.

  • Кое-что необычное обо мне

    Everyone has something what made them special (I believe). I guess that my special thing is that I'm a triplet, I really love my brother and sister and we got the same hobbies.📚 I think that I am special too because I'm a child of God (I believe)

  • Любимые книги/писатели/фильмы

    I just know too much nice movies and books, I just like everything!! But one of my favorite movies is harry potter, yeah i'm a potterhead. ⚡but my life doesnt only exist about harry potter God is on my first place.
    I love dramatic books too and books who are so bad that they are good (like twilight)
    I also like:
    - all the books from Kerstin Gier
    - (dutch name) het geheugenboek

  • Я люблю поговорить о...

    I always enjoy talking about the day and just positive things, I'm a little bit a dreamer too! So I like to talk about things what isnt real like... Having my own dreamhouse etc. And how my dreamhouse looks.
    Well I like to talk about serious things too, I really like that even if I'm not always that serious

  • Я увлечен...

    I really like writing, painting, reading, sleeping😆, drawing and much more. I am interested in too much things so I want to do everything on the same moment but... thats impossible.

  • Города и страны, которые я посетил

    When i'm on a holliday, it is always in our little country so.... thats not pretty interesting. But this year, we were going to Italy with a school trip and i've seen much more and that was amazing! I really want to go to Italy again, or another country. I like the sea, the sun... everything!

  • Испытания

    The most difficult for me was leaving my old secundairy school.. I left everything there ( it feels like) and then you had to start again... Now I am on a nurse education and it still is difficult sometimes because the other school was just better because everyone knew each other and everyone talks to the teacher and have fun

  • Расскажите что-нибудь

    The world can be a beautifull place if you live in the right country, born in a place where people take care of you but there are places in the world and... those places arent that beautifull, kids who has to work when they are young, where they have to walk long before they can get water.. something to think about

    A little bit information about me:
    My hair is dark brown, I wear glasses and I don't try to be really fancy anymore😎

  • Жаль, что в детстве я...

    When i was a child, i wished that the world would be better with only a simple spell. And i wanted that everyone in the world would be friends with each other, no war, no row, no bullying and of course i still wish that, that will happen one day

    Be nice to each other guys

  • Мои достижения

    I'm proud on the person I already am. I was shy (still sometimes) but I am getting better and less shy. my heart feels warm when he looks back and see how far I already came. While there still happends bad things in my life I'm just watching the positive things and sometimes I'm just crying

  • За границу на один год

    If i would live one year abroad... i would ask my brother and sis if they come with me, alone in another country would be creepy.. i would go to italy and live near then beach and near the mountains. I would write a book, a good one. My sister draws the illustations from my book and my brother makes everything perfect with a computer program. We work there too because we cant only live from writing a book. I work there on the beach as life saver. I send my book to all my friends in netherlands (and one to germany) and let that be the best book of my life.

  • Через 10 лет

    In ten years. .. im having a little cute house somewhere in the netherlands in the forest but of course friendly for the nature my house is a mess but that doesnt care someone. Upstairs I have a 2 person bed so I can jump on it. I have a wooden floor and roof etc. Downstaires I have a place where I can paint on the wall (not like wow you paint amazing but just for fun ) then I have a doggo who isnt too big and isnt too small
    When you look out of my window you will see trees and at the other side you see the sea waving relaxed. There is no need to be like o noooo high waves! Because my treehouse is really strong

  • Что я жду от будущего

    I hope that there will be a way that the future can be nice for older people and people with a handicap. They should invite something that can help the nurses because there are so much older people now and if the nurses have to do everything they arent that fit in their free time and always are tired etc.

  • Делаем мир лучше

    We can make the world a better place if everyone would help. Of course its good if one person start but does it really helps the whole world? We only can make the world a better place together, i think

  • Радости детства

    When i think of me being a child i think of me on school, i was sure that i felt sick but the teacjer didnt believed me.... and then i throw something out og my mouth and i was like "told ya" i always knew if i didnt fellt good and i always wanted to be right too of course hahah

  • Я недавно научился...

    Ive learned too much, maybe i learned how to make burgers on work but i learned thousand other things on the same time...

  • Раньше было лучше

    A longtime ago when no one had a phone, the people talked more with each other. Penpals didnt meet on a phone with chatting but by postcards or mails. Looks like years ago right? Its a little sad that everyone loves his phone too much (me too)

  • Сейчас лучше

    Now it better then yearsssss ago because female people are more equal😊

  • Мой интерес к другим странам

    Im not that interested in other cultures... there are so many cultures and its always cool to see but not specially one (i know, way too bad) i mean im more interested in how people think not specially ine culture because it isnt that all people from one culture think the same