i have red three books of twilight almost 7 times! i love books, but the movie wasn't so good, even if actors are amazing!
i love twilight-saga, but i don't love those because 'ohhh my god, rpatzzzz<3 you're so handsome!!!!?!?' and 'every teenages love vampires.. or something' you didn't understand...


Nice... (talking about the book).

Meyer knows how to write love stories... 😃

Nice... (talking about the book).

Meyer knows how to write love stories... 😃

Yeah.......u right.....***

I read the books and I thought it was an okay book series. Then everyone started reading it and all the freaky fankids came out of the wallpaper and it got ridiculous,then the movie sucked...it was an ok saeries, but it certainly wasnt worth all the fuss

Of course I like it =D . But I think there's no doubt that books are actually better than movies !! What a horror ! Most off all the second movie : new moon ! They've wanted to do it in a hurry and the result is ... just funny xD . Stereotype about romantism are really too much 😁! I had been deceived by this adjustment . I Expected something better

The book is waaay better than the movie. It has more info about the characters in it. and Kristen Stewart is an awesome actress. : D

i love taylor lautner ♥.♥

beeeuuuh! I'm sick to see this name! XD
I think it's really the last industrial film, without creation, without inovation, created fastly and only to generate money! it's very far of the 7th art monument's! If you want to see a good film, watch Stanley Kubrick, Terrence Malick, Emir Kusturica, Terry Gilliam, Ridley Scott, Mann, Spielberg, Georges Lucas, François Truffaut, Brian de Palma, etc...

I liked twilight.can't wait for the other one to come out.

I love these books 😃
Films are OK, but not better than books 🙂

actually i havent even tried to watch the movies or read the books i am not a fan sorry for all the twilight fans out there but thats my opinion! 😃


Jacop is so cute and hot.

TWILIGHT IS THE BEST EVA!!!!!! LOL KATEISPINK VISIT MY PROFILE :tongue: clover thumbup2 :eek: :clap :tongue:

It was so funny to read. I liked it 🙂

i don't like it.
it's plot is similar with cheap Korean love stories.

most of all, i hate Bella's behavior between Ed and Jacob=_= bad girl hh

hi do you know me?

i m your friend Lee Ji Eun🙂

i m using Enlgish because.. just because


its a good movie.read all the books within a month😃