Filme, Musik, TV

who is your favorite actor/actress?
Favourite band or singer?
Songs to recommend~
How do you listen to music?
Was haltet ihr von Hellsing(Anime)?
Manga and anime
Best metal bands (for metal fans)
Favourite movie?
Suggest me an album I should listen to
What music do you like??
What are you reading at the moment?
TV series
Last concert?
Harry Potter- House
Do you listen to soundtracks? What's your favourite?
Where are my anime fans?!
Books Club Squad💕💪
Harry potter vragen
The last movie you saw
Classical music.
Which musicals do you like? Please enclose a short description about the content and the kind of...
Do you have a favorite rapper?
What is your favorite actor / actress ?
Who is your favorite carater of Harry Potter
Favourite tv series?
Calm Musics for resting/chilling time