Filme, Musik, TV

Any Doctor Who fans? And who is your favorite Doctor?
Card captor Sakura and sailor moon
Is there anyone who also can't wait for Eurovision 2018?
Infinity war
what are you listening in your speakers now?
Can you recommend me a good movie?
DuckTales fans?
Pretty Little Liars
Do you like The Stranger Things? 🙌
Scream Queens
Music festival
Three Days Grace fans
Jrock: which band do you listen to?
After you understand the inner workers of an automobile,
Marmozets fans?
Wagnerians? Wagnerianer?
Regional music
What's your favourite movie?
Movie Quotes
Youtube channels
Rock - Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, Nickelback and more!
Tmnt = Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Movie music
Do you listen to soundtracks? What's your favourite?
Stand up comedy fans?
The vampire diaries telefilm
My covers : I'm all about your opinions guys !